Casting Information

Good Releasing movie lines HeartCore Films, Reel Queer Productions and Pleasure-Ed Series welcome enquiries from adults who are interested in performing. Please be familiar with our films and their visual/performative style and let us know which of the line/s you feel most interested in.

We are a sex-positive company.  We work with a diverse range of people who love sex and want to show off their knowledge and favorite moves. We’re especially happy to hire couples who want to work together, and we make every effort to cast people who don’t come with their own partner with someone with whom they’ll be as compatible as possible. We do not ask people to engage in sexual acts they don’t wish to perform. If performers are not part of a fluid-bonded couple and/or do not have current AIM tests, we will require them to use barrier protection during the shoot.

Good Releasing compensates the performers who appear in its movies according to industry standards. Please note that we require all performers to have and show two current forms of ID, at least one with a photo, and sign a release with your legal name, though you may use a pseudonym for the purposes of the movie and associated PR. We comply with federal 2257 guidelines: by law, you must prove you are over 18, and we must retain that information.



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