Ciao Bella

By Madison Young, Reel Queer Productions

Caio Bella

Title: Ciao Bella
Director: Madison Young

Nominated 2011 Feminist Porn Awards

Categories: Woman-directed, Queer, Lesbian
Cast: Bella Rossi, Devi Lynne, Madison Young, and more

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Join award-winning director Madison Young as she embarks on an explicit Italian excursion. A revolutionary porn pioneer, Madison provides you with an intimate introduction to the women she encounters in this groundbreaking POV series, the first ever from a woman’s point of view. Meet Malia Mojado and see her sexcapades in the erotic cities of Milan and Florence. Sample fruit of the vine from Bella Rossi’s breasts as Devi Lynn smashes grapes on her skin in a wide open vineyard. Share a sensual meal with Madison herself as she focuses all her attention on you. Listen to her talk dirty and watch as an anal toy pushes her over the orgasmic edge. Sit down with a plate of pasta, enjoy a glass of wine and experience Italy from a new point of view.



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