Kimberly Kane

Kimberly Kane Good Releasing

“Helmut Newton, Larry Clark, Nan Goldin, Dennis McGrath, Eric Kroll, Richard Kern, Peter Beard, Hunter S. Thompson, Jessica Dimmock, Carlos Batts, Bob Coulter, Nobuyoshi Araki, Terry Richardson, Steve Diet Goedde, Alejandra Guerrero, Ed Fox, Weegee, Leigh Ledare, Helen Levit”

“I truly enjoy expressing myself on camera. When I’m doing a scene or taking photos I try to say everything I’m feeling with my eyes. When I direct I look for the same energy in the performers. I can feel it instantly when a model is giving everything to her beholder.”

“I love photographing people. When I photograph someone and they like the picture that is an awesome feeling. I also love being in front of the camera and being a model. I try to shoot film as much as possible. I prefer film over digital. My favorite thing to shoot is B&W film.”

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