Born and raised in Las Vegas, NEVADA, and educated at Florida A&M University with a B.S. in Public Management, Nenna has directed many videos about persons of color and sexuality. These include Adult stars, book author Zane, and other erotic events produced by herself . In addition to directing, Nenna is passionate about the erotic events she produces, such as “Suga n’the Raw: an erotic photography movement”, now in it’s third year.

Nenna’s focus continues to be of Erotic and Pornorgraphic nature and how Persons of Color fit into the “industry”.

“There is something going on deeper than what I see!” – Nenna

To help uncover what others see, she has begun shooting a documentary (Fuck-U-Me-ntary) on Persons of Color and how they feel about sex, intimacy, and porn. Fans can get a glimpse of the Fuck-U-Me-ntary before it is released in its entirety on each film she produces.

Nenna’s goal has continually been to empower Persons of Color through erotic and sexual material while dissecting stereotypical images and repainting them with deeper meaning.

Her first adult film, Tight Places: A Drop of Color, was released May 24th 2010. The next film in production is “Hella Brown: Real Sex in the City” due out Summer 2010.

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