Roulette Berlin

By Courtney Trouble, Reel Queer Productions

Title: Roulette Berlin (RQP109)

Director: Courtney Trouble

Categories: Queer, Lesbian, Gay, FtM, Women-Directed

Cast: Anja, Nikolaj, Walter Crasshole, Blond Stud, Ena Buffet, GG, Ju, Judy Minx, Killer

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Award-winning director Courtney Trouble travels abroad to bring you Roulette: Berlin, the third film from her award-winning Roulette series. Watch Walter and Nikolaj consummate their marriage with raunchy, yet romantic, honeymoon sex. An intense encounter with her real-life lover Killer leaves French porn star Judy Minx gushing and blushing all the way back to gay Paris. Blond Stud and Ju exhibit impressive power play expertise. When the city lights went out, authentic couple Ena and GG make such energized love that they glow in the dark. Bathed in natural sunlight, Anja puts on a solo show at the hotel. You won’t want to say auf weidersen to this erotic European expedition that proves even internationally, “queer sex is as hard to define as it is to ignore.”
Runtime: 90 Minutes

Nominated 2010 Feminist Porn Awards!

Nominated 2011 AltPorn Porn Awards!


PornFilmFestival Berlin 2010



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