Seven Minutes In Heaven 3: Fuck Yeah!

By Courtney Trouble, Reel Queer Productions

Seven Minutes in Heaven 3: Fuck YeahTitle: Seven Minutes in Heaven 3: Fuck Yeah (RQP 116)
Director: Courtney Trouble

Nominated 2011 Feminist Porn Awards

Categories: Lesbian, Trans, Queer, Woman-Directed, Gonzo

Cast: Casey Grey, Chastity Boner, Cyd Loverboy, Drew Deveaux, Red Jackhammer, Rusty Nails

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Queer and gonzo porn auteur Courtney Trouble is throwing another sexy slumber party, and you’re invited. Watch as seven reality-porn rebels put every fantasy and fetish imaginable out on the table — in the closet, the bathtub and even up against a vintage jukebox! You’ll feel like you’re right there as they switch from top to bottom and fuck gender identity with the same wild abandon that they fuck each other. TEN hot, well-lit sex scenes of twosomes, threesomes, foursomes and solo acts blur together into an unscripted barrage of non-stop lust! Filmed in high-quality HD, this desire-driven indie orgy is a rough, romantic, playful and complex collection that includes self-documented DIY sex scenes and video confessionals that will make you feel in on all the action! Fuck yeah! 2010.

Runtime: 120 Minutes

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PornFilmFestival Berlin 2010


“The third installment of her delicious Seven Minutes In Heaven series, this movie continues to follow the theme of random folks meeting up to play spin the bottle and see who wants to fuck who. And the amount of raw chemistry that comes from allowing performers to pick their partners is nearly palpable to us viewers. It’s seriously that good. All in all, Courtney Trouble did it again, bringing us one hell of a sexy queer porn, complete with awesome performers, perfect pairings and, of course, some of the hottest sex I’ve seen in a while. Two thumbs up!”

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