Thin Line Between Art & Sex

By HeartCore Films, Madison Young

Thin Line Between Art & SexTitle: Thin Line Between Art & Sex
Director: Madison Young

Categories: Woman-directed

Cast: Tyler Knight, Jiz Lee, Madison Young, Danny Wylde, Bella Rossi, Carl Hungus, Kade, Naga

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These artists don’t just straddle the line between art and sex- they grind up against it, push it, pull it and blissfully blur it. In a one day exhibition, each of them is assigned studio space to explore their erotic aesthetic. Experience their visceral visions with drenched desire in the kitchen, ecstatic climaxes on the staircase and intense orgasms on the rooftop. Creative and carnal energies combine to produce passionate masterpieces. Adult stars Tyler Knight, Daniel, Jiz Lee and Bella Rossi, as well real-life couple Carl Hungus and Naga, discuss their endeavors during interviews that examine the intersection of art and sex. Award-winning director, actress, model and owner of Femina Potens Art Gallery, Madison Young documents the animalistic artistic process and presents it in this explicit work.

Runtime: 90 Minutes


PornFilmFestival Berlin 2010


“The Thin Line between Art and Sex” is edgy, original and sexy.”

“The (hot, energetic, fun) sex scenes are intermingled with interview footage about the interrelationship between art and sex, adding up to a thoughtful meditation on the nature of art itself . . . which you can also masturbate to.”
– Blowfish Weekly Update

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